Tips and Tricks for Your Google Grants Account

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You guessed it.. Google Grants! For qualifying nonprofits, using Google’s grant of up to $10,000 worth of Google AdWords each month is such a great way to expand your audience. If you are looking to increase traffic and exposure to your not for profit organization, listed below are ways that will help you strategically grow…

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Kenzie Blog: Google Grants- Should I do it?

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 Google Grants- Should I do it? I am back again to talk about Google Grants! It has not been very long since my last blog, but I am still continuing to learn more about this amazing grant for non-profit organizations every day. Today I want to touch base on the pros and cons of Google…

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Kenzie Blog: A Month into Google Grants

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Google Grants- What I’ve Learned in One Month A few months ago, I had no idea what Google Grants were.  I was asked about Google Grants in my internship interview with Ethic Advertising Agency, and my heart rate quickened because I was just asked a question to which I had no answer. But apparently Google…

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