Top 10 Ways to Avoid Creating Shitty Digital Ads:

Best Practices: Top 10

  1. Have a powerful message. You want to emphasize benefits, not features. Make sure that the copy is compelling. You should consider using dates, times, and limited offers to create a sense of urgency and prompt the consumer to take action. 
  2. Use keywords! Using keywords in your ad can help tell the story and prevent you from cluttering the ad with pictures.
  3. Make the ad short and sweet. Show or tell the consumer what’s in it for them. 
  4. Include a clear and actionable call to action. If the ad uses animation, include the call-to-action in every frame, especially in the final frame. Place your call-to-action on a button. 
  5. Show off the brand using your brand colors and logo. Use brand fonts when applicable (avoid script). At least a 10-12 point font is best. Be sure there is contrast between the font color and background color. 
  6. Integrate the ad with other marketing being done by your business, including online and offline channels. 
  7. Entice the customer with words like “special offer” and “exclusive.” You may consider the use of special pricing. (Be careful of claims and offers using the word “free.”) 
  8. Keep things fresh! Don’t let consumers get bored with your ads. Change your ads periodically by adjusting your message or refreshing the design. Do this, especially when a campaign seems to be underperforming. 
  9. Deliver the goods on the landing page. Make sure the landing page is relevant to the ad’s promise. Use similar visual styles and calls to action. 
  10. Don’t underestimate the power of good design. Have a focal point for your ad. Use ample white space. Use crisp images. Create ads in multiple ad sizes to maximize impressions and click-through rates.