Jake Treser

Jr. Art Director


Jake graduated from La Roche University with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. Prior to working for Ethic, Jake worked as an Ideation Artist generating sketches and new ideas for products. An expert in versatility, Jake is always quick to learn new talents in pursuit of creative solutions. His background in design, illustration, creative problem solving, and writing bios in the 3rd person makes him a great addition to the Ethic team.


He loves to cook almost as much as he loves to eat. Comfort food, practicing guitar, exercising, and a good lounge session are just a few of the things Jake loves to include in his day. Jake does his best to live in the moment whether in peaceful solitude or in the company of family and friends.


“The biggest obstacle to creativity is breaking through the barrier of disbelief.” -Rodney Mullen