Native Advertising

A content-driven way to strategically get your business in front of online consumers.

What is Native Advertising?

Have you ever read an article on your favorite news or entertainment website and then seen other suggested articles that "you might also like" at the bottom? These article are often native forms of advertising that are meant to reach online consumers on the platforms that they already like and trust.

Native Advertising is content-based online advertising strategy that fits fluidly into already established online content sources; it is produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the function and style of the medium in which it is placed.

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How it works, you ask?

Consumers don't like to feel like ads are being shoved in their face. Native Advertising often gives users a more organic experience when your intended video or article shows up in front of them. We start by generating meaningful content that is not primarily promotional in nature, but instead meant to inform and interest consumers about your industry or brand. Afterall, 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a product through content. Consumers’ intent to purchase increases 18% with Native Advertising with an 82% lift in brand awareness. 

Reach and Track Millions

Our discovery platform includes hundreds of the world's most popular and widely used publishers. Let your online advertising efforts benefit from organically structured content that is meant to increase conversions, spike website traffic, and lift brand awareness. Based on geographical, behavioral, re-targeting, and audience look-a-like tactics, we have the ability to reach only those consumers you want. Furthermore, you will enjoy the trackability of direct response and webpage conversions.
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