Targeted & Re-targeted Display Banner Ads

Target consumers and tailor your message to their specific wants and needs

What is Display Advertising?

Did you know that 1 in 5 users will conduct related searches for your advertised brand based on seeing a display banner ad? Also, display banner campaigns increase brand searches up to 38% after four weeks of exposure.* 

Display banner ads are an easy and affordable way to get in front of a highly targeted audience.  At Ethic Advertising, we were fed up with the over-priced and under-performing banner ad options the market was providing, so we cultivated our own targeted and re-targeted display banner ad capabilities. On average, our display campaigns run at a 5x higher CTR than the national average! 

We can learn a lot about a person based on where they live, how they search the web, and what their online habits and interests are. We include these four main components when developing our clients' display campaigns.

  • Geographic: Targeting an audience based on where they are physcially located
  • Site Re-targeting: Targeting a device because it has previously visited your website
  • Contextual: Targeting an audience based on the online content that they are actively looking at, including articles and news sites
  • Keyword Retargeting: Targeting an audience based on the keywords they are using in search engines like Google and Bing!

Ethic Advertising also uses other targeting methods and platforms for online display advertising, such as; geo-fencing, CRM display, cross device targeting, social media advertising, native advertising, and more.

*Online Publishers Association

Geofence and display ad example
Ads are created in an array of digitally optimized sizes
Display campaign ad sample
Display Banner Ad Examples
greenbriarWebAd-4 dad.kid 300x250
wilmore jeweler ring ad
user viewing ads on a cell phone

How it works, you ask?

In short, if a user searches or reads content with keywords relevent to your campaign, he or she will be be exposed to your brand through image-based display banner ads. The use of specific keywords helps to drive and support a good display campaign. If a user has done an online search for words within your keyword list, they will be served ads during their online experience that could lead them to your website. Further, If a user has visited your site or other sites with similar keywords, they will also be served ads that will direct them to your site.
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