What good is placing advertisements in superb locations if you don’t have solid creative?  Ethic Advertising Agency provides award winning advertising creative development and design services.  We’ll write, create, produce, and edit your  video, audio, and graphic design creative elements.  Ethic Advertising Agency works with you to develop a professional advertising piece that is specifically engineered to produce a desired reaction from a target audience while maintaining the integrity of you brand.

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At Ethic Advertising Agency we pride ourselves on developing affordable, high end video pieces for our clients.  We believe that you must have a video you can be proud of, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.  (After all, you have to have money left over to distribute your video message to your audience.)  We have a full production house and can provide filming, editing, animation, white board animation, script writing, voice overs, and more.  We are able to completely manage your video commercial, digital/social media videos, interviews/testimonials, website videos, infomercials, or whatever else you might need.


When we say audio production, we are mainly talking about being on the digital audio and radio commercials, but we can help with other audio production projects too.  At Ethic Advertising Agency, we have the ability to produce in-house audio creative with music, voice overs, sound effects, etc.  Our audio capabilities also greatly complement our video production services.  Sound in a video and make or break the video.


Graphic design work can cover many different areas, and we pretty much have all the areas covered.  Our team of in-house and freelance graphic designers are highly talented and consistently produce work that make our clients say, “awesome!”  Our primary focus is developing artwork for our digital advertising, but we often utilize our graphic design skills for branding, logo development, traditional advertising, website creative, printed material and items.

Anchor Videos and Hero's Journey

Learn about our approach to anchor videos and the utilization of the Hero's Journey formatting.  This is our process to craft quality, effective video content that we can use as the center piece of an entire advertising campaign with multiple elements steaming from this "anchor" video.

Award Winning Advertising Agency

At Ethic Advertising Agency, we pride ourselves for being well rounds and believe that the advertising creative is equally as important as the plan and placement of the ad campaign.  Because of this mind set, we've raked in advertising awards and recognition for all areas of our work. 

Ethic Advertising Agency isn't about the hardware though.  We are a modest and humble company at our core. We are completely driven by results for our clients.  The recognition for our work is always secondary to the happiness of our clients.

International Awards for Graphic Design

National Awards for Video and Audio

Multiple recognitions for overall ad agency

Platinum Hermes Creative Award Ethic Advertising winner
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