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Online advertising can be a confusing landscape that can easily work against your business by burning through your budget with little to no results. At Ethic Advertising Agency, we guide our clients to reach the people they want to reach and be found by the people that need them. Our online services can be customized to your specific goals and budget.

Check out all of our digital advertising offerings:

We utilize a highly effective targeted and re-targeted display / banner ad platform that reaches your digital audience based on ALL of the following parameters.

  • Geographic: Targeting an audience based on where they are geographically located
  • Retargeting: Targeting a device because it has visited your website
  • Contextual: Targeting an audience based on the online content that they are actively viewing
  • Keyword: Targeting an audience based on the keywords they are using in online searches
  • Behavioral: Targeting an audience based on their online behavior, viewing habits, browser cookies, purchases, etc.

Did you know that mobile is now the leading digital platform with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 62% of digital media time spent? With Ethic Advertising Agency's geofence technologies, you can capture smartphone users whose GPS signals have entered a fence that we have drawn based on a specific address. Once a user is targeted, we can then show an ad up to 8 times an hour for the next 30 days across their apps and any mobile browsing they do. We have the ability to draw fences in a polygon format with up to 12-points, and we can draw fences to be as targeted as specific aisles within a store.

Our multi-screen and cord-cutting advertising products allow us to serve your commercials to where your consumers spend most of their time; this includes online, mobile, and television. In addition to watching television, many viewers these days catch up on shows and watch "TV" on their PC, laptop, tablet, Smartphone, and/or via mobile/web apps. Now you can reach captive viewers who are actively engaged in watching their favorite on-demand programming via OTT/CTV.

If you have watched a video clip anywhere on the internet, you have most likely seen a video pre-roll advertisement; they are short promotional clips that play before selected video content. Video pre-roll is a powerful online advertising tool that directly engages customers. Viewers that click on a link or a video have intention and are actively engaged. We have the ability to target video pre-roll audiences based on geographic, retargeted, contextual, keyword, and behavioral online behavior.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is simply paying to be at the top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for specific keywords and phrases. You are only charged when someone clicks on your site. Costs per click vary depending on the types of keywords that are utilized.

These days, EVERYONE is social. Promote your business or product and drive people to your website with the power of targeting specific groups based on age, location, gender, special interest, and keywords with social media advertising. Additionally, we use a multi-tiered creative campaign testing system, where we start with 1-3 audiences and 2-3 sets of creative; this allows us to reach more overall people as well as serve the same person with multiple sets of creative, and optimize your campaign based on the results.

Digtial Audio Advertising tap into the streaming audio audience with hyper and general targeting options. When we say Digital Audio Advertising, think of the audio ads that occur when you are listening to things like Pandora, Spotify, and streaming local radio stations.

Google Grants can be an amazing option for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to use up to $10,000 of AdWords PPC Advertising for free. Click to find out more how Ethic Advertising Agency can setup, manage, and optimize your Google Grant campaign.

Native advertising is content-based advertising that fits fluidly into already established online content sources. It is produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the function and style of the medium in which it is placed. Ever read an article on your favorite website and then click on another article that sparks your interest? Many times, that article is a native advertorial.

Whether your goal is to generate leads, heighten brand awareness, or increase web traffic, native advertising is an effective way to earn business based on providing meaningful content to online users. Contact us to learn more about our flexible four-tier pricing plan, our extensive network of premium publisher websites, as well as our content-driven social media features.

Online / Digital Advertising

Ethic Advertising Agency's specialty is hyper-targeted digital advertising. We  can help you navigate the tricky digital advertising landscape with our in-house online advertising services.

Creative Development & Design

It doesn’t matter how many people you reach if you don’t have the right message.  Ethic Advertising Agency provides complete, award winning video, audio, and graphic design production at an affordable price.

Strategic Advertising Planning

The success of an advertising campaign is often determined at the very beginning.  At Ethic Advertising Agency, we places immense importance on development, along with a thought-out advertising plan for all of our clients.

Experienced Media Buying

Ethic Advertising Agency makes certain our clients' advertising messages are in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price.  Our experienced media buying team is trained to negotiate and completely understand the process.

Website Development

Now-a-days, your business not only has to have a website, but it has to be a good website.  Ethic Advertising Agency provides high level website development and redesign services for our advertising clients.

Branding & Printing

A brand is a business’s identity! Ethic Advertising Agency develops our clients' brands through design, social media, marketing materials, and more. We also provide professional printing services and direct mail solutions.

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