Total media planning services are available on a commission, retainer, or planning fee basis depending on the client's needs.  Ethic Advertising Agency's media planning services include digital and traditional (TV, radio, out of home, and print) advertising along with strategic integration.  This service is reserved for select clients.


Sure, we are advertising and marketing experts, but we don't know our clients' business and goals as well as they do.  Getting to know our clients is extremely important to us, and we often go above and beyond to do so, but no one is going to know your business like you; that's why we start every advertising and media planning project by listening to our clients.  It doesn't matter if you're a new client or someone we've worked with for years; we always start the process by putting the client first.


The Ethic Advertising Agency approach to research focuses on five areas:

  1. Target Audience
  2. Client's Business
  3. Competition
  4. Advertising Mediums
  5. Return on Investment

Each of these areas needs to be researched in order to develop the optimal advertising and media plan.


After we listen and collect data, it's time to build our client's advertising plan.  We believe in developing long term advertising plans (ranging from 6-18 months).  Starting with this solid foundation allows us to review, add to, and revise elements throughout the flight, but it also gives the advertising enough time to begin working.  Multiple plans are developed during this process.  Ethic Advertising Agency then presents our top advertising plan(s) to our client in an easy to review format, so the client can approve the campaign.

MINIMUM ANNUAL BUDGETS FOR PLANNING + BUYING (Retainer & Plan only options available for lesser budgets)

Online / Digital Advertising

Ethic Advertising Agency specialty is hyper-targeted digital advertising. We  can help you navigate the tricky digital advertising landscape with our in-house online advertising services.

Creative Development & Design

It doesn’t matter how many people you reach if you don’t have the right message.  Ethic Advertising Agency provides complete, award winning video, audio, and graphic design production at an affordable price.

Strategic Advertising Planning

The success of an advertising campaign is often determined at the very beginning.  At Ethic Advertising Agency, we places immense importance on development, along with a thought-out advertising plan for all of our clients.

Experienced Media Buying

Ethic Advertising Agency makes certain our clients' advertising messages are in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price.  Our experienced media buying team is trained to negotiate and completely understand the process.

Website Development

Now-a-days, your business not only has to have a website, but it has to be a good website.  Ethic Advertising Agency provides high level website development and redesign services for our advertising clients.

Branding & Printing

A brand is a business’s identity! Ethic Advertising Agency develops our clients' brands through design, social media, marketing materials, and more. We also provide professional printing services and direct mail solutions.


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