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Ethic Advertising developed our Google Grants service to allow small and medium size non-profits access to the ad grant.  The process to setup and maintain an ad grants is extremely confusing and difficult.  We didn't think that it was right to make such a great resource so complicated that only the non-profits with deep pockets can afford the time and money to to obtain and maintain a grant.  That why we simplified the process.

What is a Google Grant?

Google offers a grant that allows non-profit organizations to reach a larger audience through their search engine marketing platform. Your non-profit could be eligible to use $10,000 USD per month to help push your cause in front of people who are willing to donate their time and/or money.  That's upto $120,000 per year.  Google Ad Grants can reveal your organization to a wider audience to help further your mission. We have experts who are suited to help your non-profit access to this wonderful resource!  All non-profits must be a 501(c)(3) to participate in the grant.


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How does the Grants Work?

Google's Ad Grants program uses the same Google AdWords concepts that paid AdWords operate on, except you get to use free money.  Ethic Advertising will develop hundreds of keywords that are specifically related to your not for profit's cause/organization/campaign. When someone conducts a search on Google using one of these keywords, we'll have the opportunity to serve them a text based search engine marketing ad.


For more information about Google's resources for not for profit organizations, click here.

Why are Google Grants so Difficult to Maintain?

In a way, we get why Google made their AdWord grants so difficult to setup and maintain.  They want to ensure that the grant money is used for true non-profits and their causes.  On the other hand, the level of skill and time needed to achieve Google's criteria is often beyond most non-profits' ability.  Below is a sample list of some of the reasons the Google Ad Grant is so difficult to maintain:

  • You need to maintain a 5% Click Through Rate (CTR) when national paid CTR averages are around 2%.
  • You are prompted to enter in your credit card info during the setup, but if you do it'll create a paid Google AdWords account instead of a Google Grants account.
  • They have ever changing geographic and keyword regulations.
  • If you do get you account suspended, it's a multiple week or month process to try to get reactivated.

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