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Does Your Puzzle Piece Match Our Puzzle Piece?

At Ethic Advertising Agency, there are three keys to being happy and successful here.

  • Know and uphold our Core Values: Respect, Quality, Efficiency, Progress, and Kind Boldness
  • Know and uphold our Mission Statement: To be a catalyst for happy, profitable partners through advertising and creative solutions.
  • Ask questions and question everything worth questioning.

If you are align with these three keys to success, Ethic Advertising Agency will energize you be the right kind of culture for you, and take care of you through PTO, retirement plan, health insurance compensation, competitive pay, monthly social breaks, significant bonus structure, no meetings Mondays, early release on Fridays, and more opportunities to grow.


Programmatic Digital Advertising Specialist

Ethic Advertising Agency is an advertising agency with a niche in hyper-targeted digital advertising and creative services.  Established in 2014, we have grown to an 12-person agency with a strong focus on culture.  Our mission is to be a catalyst for happy, profitable partners through advertising and creative solutions, and we truly adhere to our core values of Respect, Quality, Efficiency, Progress, and Kind Boldness.  If our mission and value resonate with you, I think you’ll enjoy our environment. 

Ethic Advertising Agency is looking for an experienced Programmatic Digital Advertising Specialist. The focus of the PDAS is to be the expert and champion for our programmatic digital advertising efforts (display, OTT/CTV, video pre-roll, native, etc..). You will work within a collaborative environment that has structure and processes to set up, manage, audit, optimize, and consult on programmatic digital campaigns.  Our primary, self-served DSP is Simpli.fi, but you will also occasionally work with other DSPs and vendors in the programmatic digital space.

What you’d be doing:

  • Set up, manage, analyze, optimize, and collaborate on all programmatic digital advertising campaigns
  • Implement and track online conversions (typically utilizing Google Tag Manager) for all applicable programmatic efforts
  • Working in Simpli.fi and Advantage Software everyday
  • Collaborate with the Account Management and Business Development team when they have relevant questions during campaign builds
  • Monthly audits of digital advertising campaigns
  • Being a good team member with the other ad opts teammates
  • Researching new technology and opportunities within the digital programmatic space
  • Joining team meetings
  • Growing your knowledge base and keeping up with changes in your area of expertise

We look for candidates with the following:

  • Minimum of 1+ years of programmatic digital advertising experience is desired
  • Bachelors degree preferred
  • Must be located within 3.5 hours of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Experience working with a DSP (Simpli.fi preferred) is required
  • Experience with Google products, Advantage/Webvantage software, Canva, advertising platforms like Google, Simpli.fi, Outbrain, Facebook, etc… are all pluses, so be sure to mention these if you have experience
  • Experience with Google Tag Manager + setting up custom triggers
  • Drivers License
  • Self-starter and ability to work efficiently in a remote work environment
  • Task and deadline oriented
  • Enjoys learning and processes
  • An over achiever who would love to work in an environment that promotes and reminds them to bring balance to their lives and that there is more to life than work.
  • Superb multi-tasker
  • Ability to work precisely and at a fast pace
  • Good communication skills 
  • Aligned with our core values: Respect, Efficiency, Quality, Progress, and Kind Boldness

The Deets:

  • We are a 100% remote-work environment with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and team members in Columbus, OH, Durham, NC, and Minneapolis, MN
  • Amazing work culture, flexibility, and fun atmosphere
  • Competitive pay
  • Generous bonus structure
  • Retirement plan with company matching
  • 100% Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage starting Jan 1st 2023
  • Telecommunication reimbursement compensation
  • Company computer 
  • Monthly virtual or in-person social events 
  • Generous paid time off that starts on day one
  • 11 paid company holidays
  • No Meeting Mondays
  • Office hours of operation are M-Th 8:30a-5p and F 8:30a-3:30p

Job Type: Full Time (part-time will be considered for the right situation and person)

Compensation: $40,000-$50,000

How to Apply:

  • Send your resume to careers@ethic-ads.com 
  • Please respond to the following in your cover letter or video recording (video preferred):
    • Describe your work experience within Programmatic Digital Advertising.
    • What interested you about this position and Ethic Advertising Agency as a company?

Ethic Advertising Agency doesn't always have positions open, but we never want to miss out when the right person comes along.  If you feel like Ethic Advertising Agency seems like the perfect fit for you and that you are the type of person who can bring a fast ROI from your hiring...let us know.  Email your resume and a video or cover letter letting us know why you think Ethic Advertising Agency is the right shop for you and how creating a position for you would be worth our wild.  You can email us at careers@ethic-ads.com. 

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