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The next level of OTT advertising!

If you are looking to advertise on Hulu, here is the link to go directly to them.  But... if you are looking for something more advanced and effective....keep reading! 

Why do you want to advertise on Hulu?

Out of all the streaming services available, advertising on Hulu is brought up the most to us...hands down! Advertisers view it as more premium, it's top of mind, it's an industry leader, and a great medium to get in front of your target audience, but let me ask you this.... is your target audience defined as a Hulu user?  Probably not.  They are probably defined as a parent, an age group, by their interests, intents, searches, content consumed, and physical location more than as a Hulu user, right? 

So, what if I told you we can target your ideal audience using more advanced technology than what Hulu has in-house, and then serve your audience advertising on Hulu and/or on a ton of other streaming services? Interesting, isn't it?  Keep read or schedule a demo to see how we can do this if you are already so intrigued and excited that your want to ask us all about OTT and Hulu advertising. 🙂

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Buying Hulu Advertising Direct vs Ethic Advertising?

 There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying Hulu advertising direct from Disney Ad Sales.  In fact there are some excellent pros to going direct, but there are also some pros of going through Ethic Advertising Agency.  It all depends on what makes the most sense for your business or organization.  

  • Pros of Buying Hulu Advertising Direct:
    • Your cost per thousand (CPM) tends to be less
    • Slight inventory advantages
    • They have some adequate targeting features
  • Pros of Buying Hulu and Other OTT Advertising Through Ethic Advertising Agency:
    • We are not tied to just Hulu advertising and the Disney Ad platform. We have access to over 50 exchanges and hundreds of streaming publishers
    • Our targeting is more robust with things like geofencing, site retargeting, keyword, 1st party, 3rd party, and more.
    • We are easier to get in contact with and have a faster response time.
    • We provide holistic strategic approaches and additional advertising services like social media, display, digital audio, native, video pre-roll, SEM, Google Grants, media buying, and creative services.
    • Our core values of Respect, Efficiency, Quality, Progress, and Kind Boldness guide everything we do.

How do I know my Hulu Advertising is working?

Hulu and most OTT inventory is not clickable, but that doesn't mean we can't track conversions.  We use a number of ways to show conversions of your Hulu and other OTT advertising that combine the power of view through data and cross device matching.  View through data tells us when a device has been served a streaming ad, and cross device matching is what allows us to not only serve ads to someone across their multiple devices, but identify if someone saw an ad on one device, and then used one of their other devices to  convert.  Example: They say your Hulu advertisement on their smart TV, but they bought your product on their computer or they walked into your store with their smart phone in their pocket.

With this info, we leverage two forms of conversion tracking depending an an advertising campaign's targeting features.

  1. Physical Conversions.  This can be used when we use geofence targeting to serve ads to someone based on where they physically have been at a very, very, very hyper local level using GPS and Wi-Fi data.  We use the same technology we use to target someone to also identify if they've physically converted into our advertiser's location as well.
  2. Online Conversions.  This can be implemented for or other targeting tactics, and allows us to track online conversions like button clicks or when someone navigates to a specific webpage that indicates they converted.

It's also important to look ad other data to determine success like website traffic, search volume, leads generated, and sales history.

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Live Data Dashboard

Ethic Advertising Agency provides a live data dashboard for all digital advertising we run in one convenient local.  You can see how your Hulu Advertising and other OTT is preforming as well as your display, digital audio, SEM, native, and more all in one location. We also review and provide additional deep dive custom reporting as well.

Hulu/OTT Pricing

Standard OTT

$45-$50 / Est CPM

  • Mix of over 200 OTT Platforms

Premium OTT

$60-$65 / Est CPM

  • Hulu, Paramount+, and Discovery+

Hulu Advertising

$73 / Est CPM

  • Hulu Advertising Only

Live Sports OTT

$131 / Est CPM

  • Mix of Live Streaming Sports

Why choose OTT / CTV?

Adults in the U.S. spend an average of five and a half hours watching video each day; they spend 29 minutes daily watching video on mobile devices, and 25 minutes daily watching video on computers. Approximately 63 million of American adults view original digital video on a monthly basis, a number that has been steadily growing since 2013.
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Our Programmatic Targeting Capabilities

Traditional Geofencing

Hyper-Specific Location Based Targeting

Geofence targeting uses GPS tech to target people based on where they have been. We custom-draw polygonal fences around specific buildings, sections of buildings, outdoor areas, neighborhoods, events, and more. Fences are accurate within 4.9 meters!


Addressable Geofencing

Targeting of Unique Residential Addresses

We use GPS technology to target homes based on over 1,500 demographic criteria to serve ads to devices within these properties.  Addressable geofence targeting can also use mailing lists to target specific properties.  Geofences are created automatically based on property lines.

Search and Contextual

Targeting Based on Keywords

Keyword-based programmatic targeting uses a custom built list of keywords and key phrases (similar to PPC) to serve digital ads to people based on what they are searching for and/or reading about online. We can target people based on real-time interests and intentions.


Third-Party Data Targeting

Target People Based on Demographic Data

Third-party data is a treasure chest of demographic information. We tap into six different third-party data resources to create the best quality audiences for each digital campaign. These sources are constantly updated and provide thousands of demographic & interest options.

Site Retargeting Capabilities

Targeting Your Website's Visitors

There is great value in serving digital ads to people who have recently visited your website via retargeting.  You can dramatically increase the likelihood to convert site visitors, up-sell past customers, and keep your brand top-of-mind. You did a lot of work to get them to your website...let's convert them!

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