Retargeted Advertising

Follow your website visitors around after they've been to your website.

using a cell phone to view ads

What is Retargeting for Digital Ads?

Ethic Advertising Agency uses pixel code that is placed either via Google Tag Manager (our preferred method) or in the header of our advertiser's website to identify a website visitor.  We then put that visitor into a group of devices to serve digital advertising to on apps, websites, streaming services, and social media platforms. (See below for the types of advertising we can serve using digital retargeted advertising.

Important Note: You can only retarget a website that you have backend and/or Google Tag Manager access to. You can't use retargeting to serve ads to website visitors of your competitor's sites.  For something like that, leveraging keyword targeting will be most effective. 


What Advertising Does Ethic Use To Retarget?

  • Display / Banner

  • OTT / CTV

  • Video Pre-Roll + YouTube

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc...

  • Native Advertising

  • Digital Audio

Why Would I Want To Retarget My Website Visitors?

There are multiple reasons why it'd be beneficial to continue to serve ads, actually more aggressively serve ads, to people who have been to your website.  The reasons will vary from business to business, but below are the standard benefits we found.

Convince the Visitor to Convert

Not all of your website visitors are prospects, but of the ones that are prospects, most won't convert.  Serving reminders to this audience increases your return visitor rate and conversions upon sequential visits.

Reduce Buyer Remorse and Increase Brand Loyalty

For those customers that do convert on your website, keeping you brand in front of them will make them feel better about their purchase, and act as reminders to share with others that they just purchased your product/service, and it help strengthen brand loyalty.

Upselling and Repeat Buying

If you have a perishable product or reoccurring service, it's cheaper and easier to retain customers than get new ones. Retargeted digital ads are an inexpensive, automated way to help with repeat buyers.  If you sell more than one product or service, retargeted digital ads can help increase the value of your customers by enticing them to add services or buy more products.

Our Programmatic Targeting Capabilities

Traditional Geofencing

Hyper-Specific Location Based Targeting

Geofence targeting uses GPS tech to target people based on where they have been. We custom-draw polygonal fences around specific buildings, sections of buildings, outdoor areas, neighborhoods, events, and more. Fences are accurate within 4.9 meters!


Addressable Geofencing

Targeting of Unique Residential Addresses

We use GPS technology to target homes based on over 1,500 demographic criteria to serve ads to devices within these properties.  Addressable geofence targeting can also use mailing lists to target specific properties.  Geofences are created automatically based on property lines.

Search and Contextual

Targeting Based on Keywords

Keyword-based programmatic targeting uses a custom built list of keywords and key phrases (similar to PPC) to serve digital ads to people based on what they are searching for and/or reading about online. We can target people based on real-time interests and intentions.


Third-Party Data Targeting

Target People Based on Demographic Data

Third-party data is a treasure chest of demographic information. We tap into six different third-party data resources to create the best quality audiences for each digital campaign. These sources are constantly updated and provide thousands of demographic & interest options.

Site Retargeting Capabilities

Targeting Your Website's Visitors

There is great value in serving digital ads to people who have recently visited your website via retargeting.  You can dramatically increase the likelihood to convert site visitors, up-sell past customers, and keep your brand top-of-mind. You did a lot of work to get them to your website...let's convert them!

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