We have created digital campaigns that have been considered "the difference maker" in winning elections.  Let's connect if you want to get more people to vote in general, convince your political party to show up for you, get your issues supported, or literally be the last advertisement someone sees on their phone as they wait in line to enter the voting booth.


Samples of Digital Advertising Tactics For Politics

Geofencing Targeting

Target Rallies
Target Home of Likely Voters
Target the Polling Stations
Target Homes in a Specific District
Target People Near Polling Stations on Election Day

Keyword/Site Retargeting

People Searching to for Your Candidate or Issue
Visitors to your Website
People Reading Content Related to Your Election
People Searching Keywords Related to Your Election
People Looking at Your Competitors Online

Demo/Interest Targeting

Political Party Association
Registered Voter
Interests and Hobbies
Family Dynamic
Income Level and Wealth
Intent to Vote

A candidate for the San Francisco district attorney election’s backers wanted to give their pick a competitive edge over a tight race. Check out how a California District Attorney won his election using a Pittsburgh ad agency?

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Political Endeavors We Excel With

The style of creative and type of digital advertising we do moves the needle, but it's not the only thing needed to win and election.  We work well with political groups that are 100% behind their candidate or cause.  We like winning at Ethic Advertising Agency, and like to partner with the organizations that are in the race for the long haul.  To win an election it takes more than just great advertising, but the advertising can mean the difference in winning or losing.


Local. State, and Federal

Issues and Causes

Get Out the Vote

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Multi-Layered Digital Approach

If you want to be top of mind when it comes time for people to vote, you need to show up in front of your voters early and often.  Using a collection of different advertising mediums, layered with a variety of targeting capabilities, Ethic Advertising Agency is able to help deliver the difference making reach and frequency to complement your overall political campaign.

Digital Advertising Solutions:



Video Pre-Roll

Search Engine Marketing/ PPC

Social Media Advertising

Native Advertising

Digital Targeting Examples:

Geofencing and Addressable Geofencing (Hyper specific locations)

Geographic Targeting (zips, radiuses, states, countries, etc...)

Keyword Retargeting (Seach & Contextual)

Site Retargeting

Third Party Data

Cross Devise Matching


Look-a-like Audience Matching

Contact Info Matching

Some restrictions and regulations by apply by advertising medium and/or by state for political advertising.  


At Ethic Advertising Agency, we do so much more than just find and serve ads to the right audience online...we craft a compelling message through custom video, audio, and graphic design production.  Creative is equally as important as targeting. It does not matter if your ads are reaching the right people if you advertising creative is not compelling and effective. Blending expert targeting with award winning creative is our specialty.

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Why Politicians Like Us

In politics, it's all about saying the right thing to as many potential voters as possible enough times for them to get to the polls on election day.  We bring political experience, fast turn-a-rounds, and the reach and frequency needed to assist in the success of a campaign.

Lower Cost For Awareness

Award Winning and Effective Creative

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Experience in Political Advertising

Responsive Communication

Physical Conversion Tracting Through Geofencing

A Caring Partnership Approach

Our Programmatic Targeting Capabilities

Traditional Geofencing

Hyperspecific Location Based Targeting

Geofence targeting uses GPS tech to target people based on where they have been. We custom draw polygonal fences around specific buildings, sections of buildings, outdoor areas, neighborhoods, events, and more. Fences are accurate withing 4.9 meters!

Addressable Geofencing

Targeting of Unique Addresses

We use GPS technology to target homes based on over 1,500 demographic criteria to serve ads to devices within these properties.  Addressable geofence targeting can also use mailing lists to target properties on said lists.  Geofences are created automatically based on the property lines.

Search and Contextual

Targeting Based on Keywords

Keyword based programmatic targeting uses a custom built list of keywords and key phrases (similar to PPC) to serve digital ads to people based on what they are searching for and/or reading about online. This is targeting people based on near real time interests and intentions.

Site Retargeting Capabilities

Targeting Your Website Visitors

There is a great value in serving digital advertising to people who have recently visited your website.  You can increase your likelihood to convert site visitors, up-sell past customers, and keep your brand top of mind.  You did a lot of work to get them to your website...let's convince them to convert!

Third Party Data Targeting

Target People Based on Demographic Data

3rd party data is a treasure chest of demographic information. We tap into six different 3rd party data resources to created the best quality audiences for each digital campaign using 3rd party data. These constantly updated sources provide thousands of demographic & interest options.

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