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Small Ad Budgets Yield Big Results With Self Retargeting Tactics

What Is Self Retargeting? We use the term "self retargeting" to talk specifically about targeting and serving ads to people who have already been to an advertiser's physical location and/or website. There are two ways to do this: 1) Geofence targeting, which uses GPS tracking to identify user devices that have physically entered a specific location, like an advertiser's store; and, 2) Site Retargeting, which uses pixels that are placed on the backend of an advertiser's website to identify devices that have visited that website.  Ads are then served to these users during their in-app, social media, and websites experiences....
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How Ethic Advertising Agency Got It’s Name

Where did the name Ethic Advertising Agency come from? Every time I’m asked this question, I feel a little pride in my younger self. Picking a company’s name is very similar to selecting your child’s name. It’s an exciting, but stressful process that eventually you have to make and hope you adorned them with the right title. The reality is, only time will tell if you made a good or bad decision. I made a great decision with Ethic Advertising Agency (“toot toot” goes my own horn). I do, however, have one negative that nags at me about the name,...
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Tips and Tricks for Your Google Grants Account

You guessed it.. Google Grants! For qualifying nonprofits, using Google’s grant of up to $10,000 worth of Google AdWords each month is such a great way to expand your audience. If you are looking to increase traffic and exposure to your not for profit organization, listed below are ways that will help you strategically grow your nonprofit. Customize Your Message 1: Your organization gets to craft its own unique ad to display to the public. This can be a really neat tool for nonprofits because they can be sure to portray the message that speaks best for them. Between this...
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Three Tips I Wish I Could Have Given Myself at the Start of my Internship

If I Knew Then, What I Know Now I mentioned in a previous blog that when I first found out about the internship with Ethic Advertising Agency, I knew nothing about Google Grants. Which was what the internship mainly revolved around. I’m very thankful that I was still awarded the opportunity to learn under ESA and study everything I could about Google Grant. As I am approaching the end of my Summer internship, I have not only learned so much about Google Grants, but I also have grown in many other aspects. I received a trial by fire and have...
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Why Use Multiple Banner Sizes in Programmatic Display Advertising?

Creating digital banner ads (AKA display ads) is an art form that can quickly feel like a chore because of the all the potential ad sizes that you can create. So, why is it important to create multiple display ad sizes? On average, different ad sizes deliver results in different way! There are great variations in the amount of inventory of each ad size, the types of devices and platforms each ad can appear on, and a size’s average Key Performance Indicator (KPI) (Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM)). (more…)
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Kenzie Blog: Google Grants- Should I do it?

 Google Grants- Should I do it? I am back again to talk about Google Grants! It has not been very long since my last blog, but I am still continuing to learn more about this amazing grant for non-profit organizations every day. Today I want to touch base on the pros and cons of Google Grants. First, if you are new to learning about Google Grants, I recommend that you check out my first blog for a more in-depth introduction to what it is, then come check this one out! Anyways, let's get started talking about pros and cons of...
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Kenzie Blog: A Month into Google Grants

Google Grants- What I’ve Learned in One Month A few months ago, I had no idea what Google Grants were.  I was asked about Google Grants in my internship interview with Ethic Advertising Agency, and my heart rate quickened because I was just asked a question to which I had no answer. But apparently Google Grants are like this hidden secret for non-profits that most people don’t know about.  I guess I nailed the rest of the interview because now I’m a month into my internship and learning and sharing everything I can about Google Grants to help non-profits get...

How to get on the platform

So, you found out about’s amazing programmatic digital advertising Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and you want to use it for your own advertising efforts.  There are two ways to get your hands on all of the upper level targeting for display, video pre-roll, and OTT/CTV ads: get on the platform directly or gain access to through a third-party vendor. Before we dive into how you can start using for targeted digital advertising, let’s do a quick overview on what does. (more…)