Tips and Tricks for Your Google Grants Account

You guessed it.. Google Grants! For qualifying nonprofits, using Google’s grant of up to $10,000 worth of Google AdWords each month is such a great way to expand your audience. If you are looking to increase traffic and exposure to your not for profit organization, listed below are ways that will help you strategically grow your nonprofit.

Customize Your Message

1: Your organization gets to craft its own unique ad to display to the public. This can be a really neat tool for nonprofits because they can be sure to portray the message that speaks best for them. Between this and specific keywords for your nonprofit organization you can really find an audience that it is meant for.

Pro Note: Keep in mind that being too specific is not always best when it comes to keywords. It is important to keep it broad enough to where you are still drawing in a large group of people, but you must still meet all of Google’s regulations.  This includes maintaining a 5% click through rate (CTR). It’s a good practice to constantly push the boundary of reaching as many people as possible with broader keywords, while maintaining the needed CTR to keep the grant active with very niche keywords.  Focus just on broad keywords is a quick way to loss the grant and focusing just on niche keywords is a good way to not maximize the amount of the grant you can use.

Build Your Donations

2: Something you may not be thinking about with your grant is to grow your donation base or raise online revenue by using your ad grant. Specializing one of your campaigns around giving could bring in new donors and also a new audience to your site. An example of a nonprofit who did this would be To Write Love on Her Arms. They were able to raise over $174,000 in online revenue in one year from google grants. Linked below is the Google link from their specific case study

To Write Love On Her Arms Case Study

Reach Out To a Brand New Audience

Get your nonprofit organizations story heard. Having the opportunity to reach out to people all across the country could be such an amazing experience. They have the opportunity to see you, hear you, and join your organization. You could be reaching out to a whole new audience that might have never heard of your organization before. Google Grants has the chance to drive hundreds of thousands of passionate people to your website.

Pro Note: Not all non-profits are allowed to use the grant for national exposure.  If your non-profit is strictly built for a local area, Google may limit you to advertise in just that areas, or they could kick you out of the grant program.


Google Grants is no doubt a great tool for many nonprofits, and an amazing key to growing your organization. It is such a powerful resource that so many people are unaware of. Just taking the time to learn just a little bit more about Google Grants can make a big difference.