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Hospital Staff Went on Strike; Digital Advertising Helped Win Victory in ½ the Expected Time



Over 2,000 medical workers for a large hospital group in Buffalo, NY were underpaid and overworked. Amidst additional pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff needed to protest for safer patient care, increased staffing, better pay, and cleaner working conditions.



Video pre-roll, Over-the-top TV, and display ads were leveraged within the following targeting tactics: 



Our team was scouted by Time of Day Media Agency for our effective digital advertising services for this important project. We draped hospital executives and decision makers with staff messaging through various hyper-targeted strategies. Focusing on a very specific audience within the region, we ran 20 successful multimedia and digital campaigns, including tactics such as:

  • Niche keyword and contextual: Users searching for keywords and content related to healthcare and the strike within our target areas.
  • 3rd party data: Professionals with job titles including elected officials, hospital executives, and media professionals in our target areas.
  • Geofencing: Common places where hospital executives were expected to be physically present.
  • URL list targeting: Serving ads on a strategically targeted list of URLs (including popular news and political websites).
  • Website retargeting: Retargeting website visitors once we brought them to the website via other tactics.



Within hours of this campaign’s launch, hospital executives and decision makers were being draped with digital ads straight to their at-home televisions, computers, tablets, and mobile devices across thousands of platforms and publishers. Advanced digital targeting ensured that the hospital’s administration felt the pressure wherever they went–from their home, to the office, to the golf course; from Hulu to the Buffalo News to Candy Crush. Our client shared, “The political director [...] actually saw the ad when she went to a news site and was DELIGHTED & AMAZED - so great job!” 

Due to the effectiveness of our digital strategies, the staff was able to get decision-makers to the bargaining table quickly; the strike ended within 5 weeks, and the staff ultimately won a historic tentative agreement that included wage increases and safe staffing provisions.

We delivered over 1,100,000 impressions and over 1,100 clicks. We also achieved a 0.12% average click-through rate (the national average CTR for programmatic display advertising being .05% - .08%). Along with the 10 video campaigns we ran, we achieved an 84% average video completion rate.

Further, this campaign showcased our team’s agility in situations where time is of the essence. With less than a week’s notice, we were able to strategize, plan, execute, and optimize a total of 20 digital campaigns. Our team’s dedication to our clients, effective internal processes, and speedy client communication added a few special ingredients to the overall success of these efforts.

0.12% avg. click-through-rate

84% avg. video completion rate

1,619,717 impressions



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